Kanika Raney is a Global Speaker, Coach and Author.

After 25 years successfully leading global teams and functions in corporate America, Kanika bid adieu to the W2 and founded Thrive Ever After.

Thrive Ever After is committed to helping women and people of color thrive in life, work and entrepreneurship.


Kanika SPEAKS Book her for Keynotes, Corporate Workshops, Panels, Fireside Chats and Podcasts.

Kanika tailors each speaking engagement to inspire action and transformation in individuals and organizations. Available for in-person and virtual events!

Popular Topics: Women’s Empowerment & Wellbeing, Career Prep, Career Growth Strategies, Management, Leadership, Demystifying Corporate America and all things DEIB.

Kanika COACHES Women and People of Color in Corporate America.

  1. STAY & THRIVE - Career & Leadership Coaching - Kanika shows you how to navigate the complexities of Corporate America and build a thriving career with purpose, intention and authenticity. Take out the “mind trash” and move through life boldly and courageously in a world where you often go unseen, unheard and undervalued. Accelerate promotions, exponentially increase your impact, income & success.
  2. EXIT & THRIVE - Business Coaching - Let Kanika help you discover a life outside of corporate America that's built on a foundation of freedom, flexibility and choice. Recognize your value and earning potential outside of corporate America. Overcome mindset hurdles related to money, fear, indecision and overwhelm. Learn and put into practice business strategies, growth inducing actions and other tools needed to launch, grow and scale a successful business.

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"Kanika is a transformative powerhouse! Through her authentic and engaging style, she boldly guides women and people of color to rise, make an impact, and succeed, even in the most challenging environments. If you're looking to supercharge your diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, investing in the services of Thrive Ever After is a must!"

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